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The Science of Preventive and Adapted Physical Activity and Sport Performance

Fregio 8
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Science of Preventive and Adapted Physical Activity and Sport Performance course was established to meet the needs for high professionalization both in the field of preventive and adapted motor activities and in sports qualification. The Interclass Degree Course is based on the fusion of the educational objectives already provided for in Degree Classes LM-67 (Science of Preventive and Adapted Physical Activity) and LM-68 (Sport Science) and responds to the need to create a training course which results in common basic scientific-cultural activities included in the following scientific areas: physical education and sport sciences, adapted physical activity, biology of physical exercise, psychology of exercise and sport, sports medicine

Fregio 8
What do you learn?

The Degree Course lasts two years with a first common preparatory year and a second year differentiated into specific training courses. In particular, during the second year of the LM68 course, fundamental knowledge and skills are acquired to improve athletes' sports performance through advanced training techniques and specific training schedules for sports, gender and age groups. Instead, during the second year of the LM-67 course, students expand the theoretical and applicative knowledge for the maintenance of optimum physical efficiency, throughout the whole life, both in healthy subjects and disabled people.

Fregio 8
What can you do with it?

The Interclass Degree Course was established to respond to the modern needs for high professionalization in the sports sector of high level and motor activities for healthy and differently able subjects along their life cycle. The course, therefore, prefigures the inclusion of recent graduates in various sectors: public institutions, public and private structures, health centres and SPAs, gyms, and sports clubs. They will also be able to access further education courses and doctoral research schools.