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Towards UniPa

Workshop and preparation courses
unipa students

How to pass entrance tests workshop

Lasting approximately two hours, this workshop analyses selection processes, bureaucratic elements and useful strategies for entrance tests. It also provides case studies to help students manage and understand the difficulties involved in tests.

How to study at UniPa: from school to University workshop

The workshop is designed to support the school-university transition, giving students insights designed to help them organise their studies and find the determination and motivation required to take on the new educational challenges before them.

Preparation courses

Entrance test preparation courses consist of 30 hours of lessons and exercises designed to develop students’ knowledge of the individual subject areas tested.

The subject areas covered are: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Logic and General culture, Mathematics.

The courses are taught by University lecturers and are free of charge.

There are two sessions:

  • winter (January – April) with afternoon lessons;
  • summer (July-August) with full day intensive lessons.

Entrance test simulations

Lasting two hours, entrance test simulations measure students’ knowledge levels relative to the subjects of the tests to enable them to plan a learning trajectory and fill in any gaps they may have.