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Psychological counselling


The psychological counselling service is free of charge and provided by Palermo University’s Guidance and Tutoring Centre.

Students can make use of psychological counselling services with a psychologist to help them cope with any difficulties, problems and uncertainties which may emerge during their time at the university.

The objective of the service is to supply a listening, supportive space in which to think about and clear up personal, interpersonal and family matters and identify coping strategies to use at times of difficulty.

Students are helped to gain an understanding of emotional requirements, events and experiences seen as problematic and elaborate these, learning how to overcome hurdles in their own way.

Psychological counselling is designed to play a fundamentally important role in preventing and treating student psychological malaise. Its objectives encompass fostering student adaptation to the university organisational framework, facilitating and promoting psychological wellbeing, autonomy processes and individual and interpersonal responsibility.

Sessions can involve personal or group psychological support. This latter is especially suitable to fostering focus and problem visualisation and activating change by dialogue and mirroring with others.

Where individual sessions are concerned the service prioritises the short term, from a few to a maximum of ten approximately 40 minute sessions.

With group work the service offers fortnightly medium to long term sessions.

The service covers all students at the university, the central Palermo and Trapani, Agrigento and Caltanissetta campuses as well as students on transfer. Sessions can be in-presence, at the COT offices, or online on the Microsoft Teams platform.

Psychological support is covered by professional secrecy regulations as regards both contents and the implementation of the service itself. It is available in both Italian and English.

Students can request psychological counselling services from:

Requests are processed in around 5-7 days.

Psychological Counselling

  • Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
    9 am to 1 pm
  • Tuesday/Thursday
    2-5 pm



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