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Choice of University Subject

Who can help me in my choice of university?
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The Student Assistance and Guidance Desk offers information and assistance on the University’s educational programme, the guidance services designed to help them choose a subject, COT’s services, the enrolment process, selections, post graduate educational opportunities and career openings. A special help desk gives parents a place to find out more, ask questions and think about university choice related issues in order to support their children in their educational and career decisions.


Advice and tutoring for international students

The International Student Assistance and Guidance Desk for both EU and non-EU students, is designed to be students’ first help desk for information, guidance and support, especially in adapting to a different cultural context in which difficulties in fitting into the University world can emerge. The desk assists students in the process of validating foreign qualification for University enrolment purposes. Support is also available for residence permit aplication/renewal paperwork and with any bureaucratic problems which non-Italian citizens may encounter.

How to use services:

Sessions can be in-person, at the COT offices, or online on the Microsoft Teams platform.
To book an advice and guidance session (both Italian and non-Italian students) in online mode:

To book an in-person introductory and guidance
session, contact:


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Foreign students