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Statistics and Data Science

Fregio 9
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The master course in "Statistics and Data Science" aims to give high skills in statistics and data management and analysis. The graduate will have competence and responsibility in acquiring, organizing and processing large datasets in order to extract information and to create decision support tools for public and private organizations. Furthermore, he will be able to work with IT technologies and advanced programming languages, and he will have a solid base of knowledge, skills and abilities in advanced statistical methods and techniques. The master graduate in "Statistics and Data Science" will possess high skills in the management, modeling, analysis and statistical interpretation of data, with the ability to provide solutions to complex problems using appropriate IT-statistical techniques.

Fregio 9
What do you learn?

In the master course in "Statistics and Data Science" you will learn to produce, extract, analyze information and data to support management activities in the social, health, epidemiological, economic, financial and business fields, for example through skills on: quality and performance evaluation and management; techniques and sampling for opinion polls; formalization of statistical models for financial, insurance, environmental and health risk forecasts and analyses; design, creation and management of databases; design and management of experimental and clinical trials; management of geographic information systems; analysis of the economic and social context; statistical analysis of the market and budget analysis; techniques and tools for epidemiology and analysis of biological data; cloud computing and data analytics methods and tools; advanced statistical programming languages and software for complex data; big data methods with applications in various fields.

Fregio 9
What can you do with it?

Experts in "Statistics and Data Science" are in great demand in the job market since management and analysis of large quantities of data are transversal activities of fundamental importance in many sectors. Therefore, statistician expert in data science will be able to carry out analyses on health, social, economic, business and financial data, with forecasting, planning and decision-making in public, private and research work contexts, as well as in the field of official statistics; so, he will be able to work both in research centers and in companies of various disciplinary fields both in Italy and abroad with reference to application contexts in the economic, social, financial, biological, health care, epidemiological areas, and also in database management, planning of surveys and statistical research, production and dissemination of data including official public statistics. He will therefore be able to hold roles as an analyst, expert or statistical manager in private and public companies, with responsibility for complex data analysis, as well as statistical consultant on the topics of analysis and management of information flows and data analyses.