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Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology

Fregio 11
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Master Degree program has the main objective of training graduates equipped with the necessary scientific basis to operate in the pharmaceutical industry, in every sector of the multidisciplinary process that starts from the design of potentially active molecules and leads to synthesis, experimentation, recording, production, control and marketing of the drug, according to the rules codified in the Italian and European Pharmacopoeias.

Fregio 11
What do you learn?

  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Technologies.
Individual workshops are planned for:
  • Analysis of Medicines
  • Drug Analysis
  • Special Methodologies in Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Technologies of Pharmaceutical Forms
There is also a period of practical-professional internship at organizations and companies.

Fregio 11
What can you do with it?

  • Pharmacist (Director, collaborator, Hospital);
  • Pharma company salesperson;
  • Key Account Manager;
  • Sales Manager;
  • Researcher and technician in the fields of drug design, synthesis and production, both in the industrial and university fields;
  • Responsible for quality controls in pharmaceutical industries;
  • Analyst in chemical laboratories.