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Cooperation, Development, and Migrations

Fregio 4
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

This Master Degree in Cooperation, Development, and Migration aims to give students the knowledge and skills to understand problems related to poverty, vulnerability, and migration issues in order to find fair and sustainable solutions. This idea is based on a concept of human development that focuses on improving people’s living conditions, and removing the causes of inequality, discrimination, violence, and poverty in order to guarantee people a life worth living

Fregio 4
What do you learn?

This Master Degree trains students to develop action related to areas regarding education, health, work, access to resources, freedom and political participation, gender justice and human rights. From an educational point of view, the Degree Course is strongly multidisciplinary in approach and based on fully understanding the realities of the so-called global south. The professional training provided is characterised by a strong methodological focus on knowledge, know-how and work. Internships and training activities are employment focused and students are helped to form strong and diversified links with the labour market in Italy and abroad.

Fregio 4
What can you do with it?

The Master Degree provides access to careers such as:

  • international organisation manager;
  • public and private sector social development and international cooperation manager;
  • careers in diplomatic and international relations;
  • planning and coordination experts in development programme and humanitarian intervention.
The Master Degree gives access to post-graduate Masters’ and Ph.D. Courses. This Master Degree has a programme of scholarships for post-graduate fieldwork in developing countries.