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Building Engineering, Innovation and Restoration

Fregio 10
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The target of the Degree Course is to train professionals able to perform different activities in the field of Building and Construction Engineering. The graduate will be able to carry out:

  • historical, structural, architectural analyses of buildings;
  • technical and economical assessments;
  • representation and geometrical surveys of buildings ;
  • simple design processes;
  • organization and management of construction sites;
  • management and economical evaluation of buildings and construction processes;
  • direction and management of technical, administrative and productive processes;
  • design of structural and architectural restoration of existing buildings.

Fregio 10
What do you learn?

The Degree trains professionals in the fields of design of new constructions and static restoration of existing buildings, design and management of construction sites, production of materials and components for the construction industry. The first year of the Degree includes basic science courses (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Technical Drawing, History of Architecture). The courses of the second year introduce engineering fundamentals (Hydraulics, Structural Mechanics, Technical Plants, Material Technology). The third year of the Degree includes professional courses (Structural design, Restoration of existing buildings, Soil Mechanics, Structural retrofitting, Project Management).

Fregio 10
What can you do with it?

The graduate can be employed by design and construction companies, private or public administrations or can apply for the Master Degree. The Building Engineer is a professional able to cooperate at any stage of the design process of new structures or in the restoration of existing buildings, working from the preliminary design to the construction process and maintenance stage. As an example, the graduate can work as :

  • Designer of new buildings;
  • Designer of restoration and retrofitting applications of existing structures;
  • Draughtsman or woman;
  • Technician for geometrical surveys;
  • Construction site manager;
  • City planning technician;
  • Professional for economical valuation.