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Administration Science, Labour Consulting and Social Innovation

Fregio 6
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Bachelor Degree in “Administrative Science, Labour Consulting and Social Innovation" offers a multidisciplinary knowledge in different fields, such as law and economics, social matters, political and historical issues, thus allowing graduates to spend their skills in such as field as labour consulting, human resources, digitalization and innovation in Public Administration (both local and national), complex organizations (both private and public bodies) and business administration. By means of this multidisciplinary approach, graduates will be able to analyse public policies in different frameworks as well as to contribute in developing firms’ organization and administration. Moreover, graduates will be able to promote innovation and economic, social and civil development of communities. The Bachelor Degree is also fully enriched by partnerships with local firms, stakeholders, seminars, workshops, educational events, internships, etc., thus allowing a direct and continuous contact with professionals, enterprises and public and private bodies.

Fregio 6
What do you learn?

Accordingly with the interdisciplinary spirit of the two curricula (“Management of Private and Public Administrations” and “Employment Consultancy”), and to successfully facilitate the employment of its participants, teaching will have a broad scope. Firstly we will deal with the legal issues, studying a spectrum of subjects dealing with aspects of private business (private, commercial and employment law) as well as the public ones (public, administration and tax law). There will be also the historical-philosophical-political aspect, which will prioritise disciplines such as the modern European Constitutional History, political-philosophy and the political though. Finally we will look at the area of business-finance, where we will study the political-economy, the business-economy and the historical aspects of the economic thought. Students will acquire English linguistic skills and could pursue an internship in public and private companies. Students will also acquire linguistic skills by studying English and can take the experience of an internship in firms and public and private bodies. It follows that those learning paths will depend upon the chosen curriculum.

Fregio 6
What can you do with it?

The main professional fields that can be accessed are the following:

  • officials of administrations, companies, businesses and public bodies;
  • officers, managers and administrators of banking and / or insurance institutions;
  • condominium administration experts;
  • consultants in the management of small and medium-sized companies;
  • consultants for management, tourism and related activities; labour consultants, company consultants; experts on labour problems and trade union activities;
  • officials or experts in matters relating to the trade union and labour world.