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Techniques for buildings and territory

Fregio 10
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Degree Course takes the form of a specific course of study for Graduated Geometer, as a qualified technician in the civil and territorial construction and infrastructure sector, through a professionalizing study plan which includes exercises in Laboratories and a significant practical internship at companies, organizations and professional studios in the sector that actively participate in the construction of the course. The areas that it intends to cover, after a basic training in scientific disciplines, concern legislative aspects, appraisal, shipbuilding, topographic survey, cadastre, representation, structural static structures and behaviours, building support and data management using GIS and BIM. At the end of the course there is no natural continuation on the Master Degree but direct access to the register of gemeters and graduate geometers is allowed.

Fregio 10
What do you learn?

The Degree Course will train professionals with a cultural profile concentrated on three main cores: land surveying, construction and appraisal. The contents taught also include: energy efficiency, work and construction safety, building protection, building monitoring, occupational safety, real estate valuation and asset management. The entire Course of Study will have a strong focus on digitization and IT management of projects and activities. In the courses and, above all, in the laboratories, various computer programs useful for the activities of trained professionals will be taught: SW for CAD, BIM, GIS, topographic survey, energy certification; the advanced use of a spreadsheet will be taught, useful for carrying out technical calculations, reports, bills of quantities. The use of digital tools for land surveying and monitoring will be taught. In particular, the first year prepares the student for the basic disciplines and activities, supported by the first laboratories which aim to consolidate the contents learned. The second year prepares the student on specific issues, inherent to the building and construction process in its various forms, of new constructions and management of the existing with particular attention to energy aspects. The third year consists of workshops that consolidate the knowledge and experience of previous years and of a professional internship.

Fregio 10
What can you do with it?

The professional to be trained works in the fields related to construction, building and the Territory. It is a professional who carries out activities in synergy with engineers and architects for the construction of new buildings and public works. He/she also collaborates in the design of building recovery and redevelopment interventions of the existing one, with reference to the aspects of safety, energy efficiency and internal environmental quality, carry out activities in contexts related to the management and representation of the territory to survey the territory and the built environment. Placement:

  • Professional studies;
  • Private companies (in technical, commercial or productive structures);
  • Public Administration (in Urban Planning and Public Works Offices, Superintendencies and Regional Directorates of Cultural and Landscape Heritage, Local Authorities, Local Health Authorities, State Property Agencies, Land Agencies, Civil Engineering Offices, Fire Brigades, Motor Vehicles, etc..).
Enrollment in a Master Degree is not a natural outlet for graduates.