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Speech Therapy

Fregio 3
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

This degree course aims to train health professionals capable of working in the prevention and rehabilitative treatment of speech and communication pathologies and oral functions in developmental, adult and geriatric age. It aims to teach people how to perform function evaluations, identify dysfunctions and formulate appropriate treatment programmes in the various pathological conditions to achieve functional recovery objectives. On the strength of clinical reasoning based on clinical-functional diagnosis students are trained to: choose the most suitable rehabilitation-speech therapy technique and use specific and highly specialised therapeutic approaches and aids.

Fregio 3
What do you learn?

Knowledge is acquired in the physics, biology and biochemistry, psychology and pedagogy fields, etc. The course aims to study the main diseases of rehabilitation interest, in particular in the field of otolaryngology, phoniatrics, audiology, neuropsychiatry, etc. In the disciplinary area of prevention, the goal is to provide data on the core concepts of epidemiology, public health and business organisation. Students develop the following communication skills: listening, informing / talking with patients and family members in an effective and understandable way, and motivating their work and decisions taken with colleagues and with various professional figures.

Fregio 3
What can you do with it?

Speech therapists can work in the national and regional health services as employees or freelance, in accredited and affiliated private structures, clinics and rehabilitation centres, as well as in educational structures or local bodies, nursing homes, medical and multispecialist outpatient clinics, individual or associated rehabilitation studio and service cooperatives. They can carry out study and research activities and professional consultancy work. Furthermore, speech therapists can access the Master Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences of the Health Professions and 1st level Master.