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Social, Occupational and Organisation Psychology

Fregio 8
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Master Degree in Social, Occupational and Organizational Psychology aims at training professionals who perform psychological interventions in social contexts, equipping them with the cognitive, methodological and operational tools required to work in the field of human relations. The course provides the theoretical and empirical basis needed to understand, evaluate and predict human behaviour in both small and large communities and in work organizations. More specifically, students will learn the cognitive, affective and behavioural features involved in social processes and in the dynamics of social and work organizations.

Fregio 8
What do you learn?

The graduate will be able to carry out, in full professional autonomy, psychosocial activities aimed at the design and management of:

  • needs analysis;
  • cultural mediation in intergroup conflicts;
  • evaluation of human resources, assessment of psychological aspects individuals and groups;
  • psychosocial intervention in communities;
  • career counselling and career guidance;
  • reduction of employment-related discomfort (burnout, mobbing, job strain etc.).

Fregio 8
What can you do with it?

The Master Degree includes the qualification for the profession of psychologist. The graduates can be employed as:

  • Professional advisor for public agencies and non-profit organizations facing psychosocial issues such as inter-ethnic relations, marginality or intergroup conflict;
  • Advisor for agencies interested in attitudes, attitude change and consumer behaviour;
  • Human resources manager (or professional advisor in human resources for small and medium-sized companies);
  • Professional advisor for school and career guidance, recruitment and selection of personnel, training and development of personnel, implementation of organizational interventions, outplacement.