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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technique

Fregio 3
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

This course aims to provide students with core knowledge in etiopathogenesis, physiopathological and psychosocial aspects, symptomatology, diagnosis and treatment of the most common mental disorders in childhood, adolescence and adulthood through theoretical-practical activities. This degree qualifies graduates for the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Technician health profession, health workers whose work includes: rehabilitation, education, primary prevention and health promotion for individuals with mental disabilities. This course allows students to develop important skills including: assessment of mental disabilities as well as subject potential, need and resource analysis in the family and social environments, implementation and verification of the rehabilitation project under the supervision of a psychiatrist.

Fregio 3
What do you learn?

Graduates in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques must acquire knowledge of: the structural and anatomical organisation of the CNS and related biological, neuro-chemical and physiological phenomena; fundamental psychological development and family dynamics concepts; the most common tools and rating scales for psychodiagnosis; fundamental psychiatric treatment concepts in both pharmacological and psychotherapeutic fields; core mental hygiene principles and the prevention of mental distress in the various life contexts; psychiatric mental health service organisation legislation; core psychiatric rehabilitation principles, theories of reference, models, techniques and intervention strategies. They must acquire the ability to design individualised rehabilitation interventions and ongoing assessment procedures and outcomes.

Fregio 3
What can you do with it?

Technicians of Psychiatric Rehabilitation work as employees or freelance professionals in the private and public sectors. Workplaces include psycho-social centres, rehabilitation therapy centres, therapeutic communities, nursing homes, residences for the elderly, drug addiction services. The degree also offers direct access to the Master's Degree - LM SNT/2 in Health Professions of Rehabilitation Sciences.