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Pharmaceuticals and Animal Nutraceuticals

Fregio 11
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Course aims to train technicians with specific skills in Pharmaceuticals and Animal Nutraceuticals. The training system is aimed at acquiring in-depth theoretical preparation on basic biological and chemical knowledges together with solid theoretical and (individual) laboratory experience in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields to acquire technical skills on: 1) drug production, medical-surgical devices and products for animal health; 2) methodologies and techniques of quality control of processes and products in the industry; 3) regulatory processes of the veterinary drugs; 4) development in the pharmaceutical field and health products for animal; 5) ability to inform/disseminate news on veterinary drugs, health products, complementary feed and medicated for animals.

Fregio 11
What do you learn?

The Course is divided into the following educational activities: 1) Basic activities, aimed at acquiring the fundamental principles of Physics, Mathematics, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Animal Biology, Zoology, and Physiology of animal nutrition and animal feed essential for understanding and the learning of specific and characterizing disciplines; 2) Specific and characterizing activities, aimed at acquiring essential knowledge and skills for the specific professional profile: the chemical-pharmaceutical and pharmacological characteristics of medicines for animals, complementary and medicated feed and nutraceuticals, medicinal plants, animal feed; the main laboratory techniques for the chemical and microbiological control of foods, supplements and the raw materials used in their production; the interactions between complementary feeds, nutraceuticals, foods and pharmacological therapies in animals; the formulation and regulatory aspects of nutraceuticals and products with a health value; animal nutrition and feed. The Course is completed by the activity relating to the "English language". External activities are also planned, such as training placements in companies, public structures and laboratories as well as study stays abroad, also within the framework of national and international agreements.

Fregio 11
What can you do with it?

The professional profiles envisaged are: 1) Technician in the production of drugs, complementary feed, medicated feed, veterinary foods and products with a health value. Employment opportunities: pharmaceutical, feed and animal health products, food and agrochemical industries, in the sectors of research and development, production, quality control, regulatory activities and quality systems; private and public companies in the chemical-pharmaceutical sector that carry out analyses, studies and design of medicines and health products for animals public and private research and experimentation bodies for medicines and products for animal health and environmental protection. 2) Science Popularizer of drugs and animal health products. Employment opportunities: Medical Sales Representative di pharmaceutical, feed and health products for animals, food and agrochemical industries. The Degree in Pharmaceuticals and Animal Nutraceuticals allows enrollment to the LM-86 and LM-9 Master Degrees offered by the Sicilian University of Messina or by other universities. Graduates can also access the register of Junior Chemists (Presidential Decree n.328/2001), after passing the State exam. This allows them to exercise all the functions for this profession, such as: Chemical technicians; Manufacturing production technicians; Food production technicians; Veterinary laboratory technicians.