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Mediterranean Food Science and Technology

Fregio 12
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Master Degree Course in Mediterranean Food Science and Technology has the specific training objective of providing the advanced knowledge required to rationally choose the most suitable processes and transformation phases for modern production and for the management of the agri-food company.

Fregio 12
What do you learn?

The Master Degree Course specifically addresses the problems relating to technologies applied to the management of raw materials and foods specific to the Mediterranean environment, also in relation to the various food distribution chains, including the areas of public catering, nutrition, and control of food safety and products of Mediterranean origin; food trade and safety legislation; the economics and management of agri-food business, marketing and, in particular, analysis of consumer behaviour. What makes the Master Degree Program unique is its focus on the sustainability of the agri-food industry processes and on the biological and microbiological control of food Mediterranean Agri-food chains, including those of animal and marine origin. The course will focus on the nutritional aspect and food safety control of products of Mediterranean origin; the development and formulation of new food products; the food law on trade and food safety; the economics of the food business, marketing and, in particular, the analysis of consumer behaviour.

Fregio 12
What can you do with it?

The graduate in Mediterranean Food Sciences and Technologies can carry out management, planning, control, coordination and training activities in the production and conservation, distribution and administration of food products. They will be capable of autonomously developing innovative solutions in the food industry and in the freelance profession.