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Mechanical Engineering

Fregio 10
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering aims to train young graduates suitable to work in research centers, both public and private, and to carry out professional activities of high technical and scientific profile, even in support of industrial or university research activities. The professional activities are consistent with the cultural expectations of mechanical engineering, as it has been established over the decades, with reference to its three typical aspects: the design, production and operation of mechanical artifacts. After the acquisition of the necessary mathematical insights, these objectives will be achieved through specific teaching modules. In particular: • design of machines and plants; • modelling and numerical methods; • mechanical characterization of traditional and innovative materials; • stress analysis and non-destructive measurement techniques; • production systems and manufacturing through innovative technologies.

Fregio 10
What do you learn?

The achievement of the Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering allow to obtain the basic and higher level cognitive tools for the continuous updating of one's knowledge and skills. This objective will be pursued through teaching courses with higher methodological content. Moreover, the ability to acquire new skills is stimulated through independent researches and studies conducted during the preparation of the Master Degree thesis The achievement of the objective will be verified through a final exam. The main activities of the professional figure are: • The design of plants, systems and industrial processes, from a functional, energy and economic point of view; • The definition of experimental plans and test methods for the evaluation and improvement of the product functional, quality and reliability characteristics; • in-depth study of knowledge of the technical-scientific problems of various sectors underlying applications and innovations in engineering The aim of the Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering are to provide: • in-depth knowledge and solid expertise in all areas in which mechanical engineers traditionally operate (production, design, automation, plant engineering, propulsion of land vehicles, transport). • ability to work in interdisciplinary teams and to interface with specialists in different areas.

Fregio 10
What can you do with it?

The senior mechanical engineer carries out his functions in companies, public or private authorities or as a freelancer, working both independently and in groups, often multidisciplinary, also assuming coordination responsibilities. The presence of the Mechanical Engineer is required in aerospace, chemical, civil, electrical, manufacturing, metallurgical, agricultural, marine, petroleum and other engineering disciplines to varying Degrees. Most of the equipment required by all these disciplines for their jobs are designed, manufactured and maintained by mechanical engineers.