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Marine Biology

Fregio 12
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The objective of the Master Degree Course is to train Marine Biologists with a strong background in basic and applied marine biology, with particular reference to the conservation and management of the marine environment and of fishing and aquaculture resources, environmental monitoring and environmental impact assessment.

Fregio 12
What do you learn?

Students will gain theoretical and experimental skills in marine biology and ecology, conservation of marine ecosystems, protected marine areas, management of the coastal zone and of fishery and aquaculture resources, sustainable aquaculture, environmental monitoring and assessment, effects of human activities and climate change. Skills will be acquired through participation in lectures, seminars, laboratory exercises, excursions and fieldworks, curricular internships and the preparation of the final dissertation.

Fregio 12
What can you do with it?

Master Degree graduates in Marine Biology are employed in

  • public and private research centres;
  • local authorities responsible for the management of marine protected areas, environmental monitoring and assessment;
  • public bodies and consulting companies in the field of fishery and coastal zone management;
  • fishery and fish processing enterprises;
  • aquaculture and mariculture enterprises;
  • marine protected areas;
  • public and private schools after teaching qualification.
They can enrol in PhD courses and high-profile specializations and can register with the National Order of Biologists as Senior Biologists.