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Management of Sport and Physical Activities

Fregio 6
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The aim of this Course is to prepare professionals who can easily operate in the sport system using the appropriate legal, economic and sociological instruments. The course offer students the opportunity to learn about:

  • the law governing the sport system;
  • the relationship between the State and the sport system and their interaction;
  • the economic principles and the dynamics governing the companies which operate and work in the sport system;
  • the actual laws in the sport system governing the national federations to operate at the managerial level;
  • the actual laws operating in the sport system regarding health, work safety, anti-doping regulation and the safety of the infrastructures.

Fregio 6
What do you learn?

During the first year the study plan provides for courses related to the legal and economic aspects of the sport system; during the second year, courses related to safety regulations in sport, privacy and company law related to the sport system. Students will be able to communicate clearly and directly with experts and non-experts in the field of sport management and will have the opportunity to choosing from optional subjects, also in the psychological field.

Fregio 6
What can you do with it?

The course prepares graduates to be a Sport Manager; to complete projects and organize different services and institutions devolved to sport activities; to lead and coordinate specific programs within sport organizations, with a specific focus on the economic management of sport enterprises; to set up and manage national as well as international sport events; to work as consultant and active supporter of sport law institutions; to be able to lead, coordinate and set up a team working on different sport disciplines, and employed from sport agencies, organizations or groups operating in the sport system; to develop administrative, legal and economic sets related to sport activities.