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Law Course

Fregio 6
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Master Degree Single Cycle:

  • Provides full training in core subjects as well as in class-specific ones, with respect to the subject areas defined by Ministerial Decree 25/11/2005;
  • Guarantees that the student's education is consistent with the class educational goals, orienting the contents of the course to the latter;
  • Incorporates into the course similar or complementary subjects to make it relevant and appropriate for access to the professional sectors of the Law Degree;
  • Proposes a training project enabling students to profit from the acquired knowledge and skills, and developing them from a technical and methodical perspective;
  • Provides teachings and methods promoting the acquisition of adequate knowledge and skills with respect to the institutional aspects of legal systems, professional ethics, logic and legal and judicial arguments, legal informatics, legal language in at least one foreign language.

Fregio 6
What do you learn?

Graduates in Law are trained and prepared:

  • to use the tools and methods of case histories, demonstrating adequate skills for developing, evaluating, and analyzing the principles, institutes, and models of positive domestic and supranational law. They will base their activities on the historical knowledge acquired, necessary for the understanding of the legal institutes, in their process of evolution and transformation, for a “contextualized” assessment of the same;
  • to draft legal and procedural texts, and texts designed to negotiate in the general sense, which are clear and comprehensible in terms of language and relevant and appropriate in terms of effectiveness, in the various sectors concerned. They will also do this with the support of computer tools;
  • to apply the techniques of law interpretation and analysis of individual cases, arguments and representations for the solution of interpretative problems and the application of legal and regulatory provisions to real cases;
  • to develop, refresh and update their knowledge and skills, in the framework of lifelong learning.

Fregio 6
What can you do with it?

Jurists traditionally work in legal professions, the judiciary and in the notarial area; they also have the possibility to use their knowledge and skills in national, supranational and foreign top-level private and public companies and institutions. In addition to the traditional job opportunities offered by a law degree, a graduate from University of Palermo may wish to join international bodies, as “legal expert in Public Authorities" or manager of cultural, scientific, national or supranational national associations, given the specific international orientation of the Degree Course. Graduates in Trapani may use their knowledge and professionalism in the field of entrepreneurship as "legal experts in business", in accordance with an educational program aimed at enhancing the relationship with the productive and economic spheres, both through internships, and by focusing on relationships with representative entities such as local authorities, businesses and professional categories.