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Industrial Design

Fregio 7
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Industrial Design Bachelor degree course, class L-4, was set up in 2002. It trains professionals capable of applying design to various product and visual communication sectors, through the development of skills, knowledge and critical capabilities oriented to innovation. The training takes the form of lectures and laboratories and is completed by internships in companies, organisations and professional studios. Product Design The Product Design course renews the initial cultural content of the degree course, traditionally focused on product and visual communication, but now also permeated by the most recent project methodologies such as "Design Thinking" and designed to expand designers’ range of action in the direction of more complex areas such as service design (product-services), systems design and strategic design. The leitmotiv of the course is the ethical approach, oriented to environmental sustainability and social and technological innovation. Space Design This is a new specialisation, which maintains the course’s ethical approach and, therefore, its environmental sustainability and social and technological innovation orientation, aiming to expand designers’ training into the field of space design. That is: the organisation of public and private spaces (exhibit design). This curriculum meets the interest of students towards the furniture design and to the stakeholders who see the opportunity.

Fregio 7
What do you learn?

Industrial design graduates combine technical-instrumental skills with an ability to develop creative processes, with skills in:

  • object and industrial product design;
  • designing visual communication elements (two-dimensional, multimedia, interactive);
  • developing designs and strategies for the promotion and fruition of cultural heritage products (exhibitions and event preparation, designing services for culture);
  • elaborating strategies for sustainability in production and fruition.

Fregio 7
What can you do with it?

Professional opportunities are mainly in companies working in the production of assets and services fields and design studios. In addition, industrial design graduates can continue their studies in master's degree courses.