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Humanities: Philosophical and Historical Sciences

Fregio 7
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Master Degree in Philosophical and Historical Sciences aims at providing students with a thorough preparation in the field of: historical-philosophical, theoretical, logical-epistemological and linguistic, gnoseological, philosophical-scientific, ethical-political, aesthetic, historical and historiographical studies. On the basis of the knowledge and competences acquired in the first cycle of studies, the student will have to show an advanced knowledge of the main methodologies of analysis of philosophical texts, with reference to the fundamental concepts, the forms of argumentation, and the particular languages, as well as to the theories and interpretative models in use in the different general and sectorial fields of philosophy. Within the framework of the historical teachings, the student will have to show that he/she has an advanced knowledge of the sources, methods, and historiographical debates at a specialized level with particular attention to the most innovative and up-to-date directions of the various disciplines.

Fregio 7
What do you learn?

On this basis, the student will acquire the ability to set up an original research project, moving on an interdisciplinary level and showing the ability to formulate independent judgments on issues related to the philosophical and historiographical debate treated as salient aspects of the contemporary cultural debate.

Fregio 7
What can you do with it?

  • Researcher;
  • Professor in schools;
  • Specialist in public relations, press offices, cultural associations, non-profit organizations, associations representing interests;
  • Research centres;
  • Cultural associations and non-profit organizations;
  • Editors of in-depth historical programs for popular and public history purposes.