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Health Professions of Rehabilitation Sciences

Fregio 3
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

This course allows students to develop the advanced knowledge and expertise in care, management, training and research processes required to work in one of the health professions included in this class (podiatrist, physiotherapist, speech therapist, orthoptist-assistant in ophthalmology, neuro and psychomotor developmental age therapist, psychiatric rehabilitation technician, occupational therapist, professional educator). Graduates acquire assistance, educational and preventive skills, developing an integrated approach to organisational and management problems in the health professions.

Fregio 3
What do you learn?

Graduates will develop the knowledge and skills to:

  • make decisions on health service organisation and management, enhancing human, technological, information and financial resources;
  • supervise specific sectors of health organisation for rehabilitation;
  • use research methods and tools;
  • ensure they remain up-to-date and get ongoing training;
  • develop tutoring and coordination skills in training;
  • communicate clearly on organisational and health issues with team members and users;
  • critically analyse ethics and deontology in the health sector professions.

Fregio 3
What can you do with it?

This Master Degree gives graduates access to managerial posts in the following fields: management, monitoring, planning, consultancy, management of human resources, information technology. The skills acquired relate to: corporate organisation in the health sector, costs and structures management, research, quality control, case management. The Master Degree offers access to freelance work or employment in public health institutions, accredited or in agreement with the national health system, and the university.