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Global Studies. History, Policies, Cultures

Fregio 4
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

This Bachelor Degree in Global Studies: History, Politics, Cultures (class L42-History) provides students with the necessary tools to understand and intervene in modern global phenomena from a historical perspective. The multidisciplinary approach of this course in Global Studies:

  • History, Politics, Cultures provides students with a core training aimed at historical investigation and communication in which they learn fundamental notions of epistemology and the methodologies used in history and other social sciences;
  • core anthropological and geographical investigation training;
  • the ability to produce a spatio-temporal interpretation attentive and culturally responsive to the issues posed by the global nature of the contemporary world;
  • a core knowledge of cultural processes in historical perspective;
  • a core training aimed at understanding political, social and economic phenomena and concepts on a national and global scale.

Fregio 4
What do you learn?

This Degree Course in Global Studies: History, Policies, Cultures is organised into a single curriculum designed to provide a solid education encompassing knowledge of the most important institutional, economic, social, political and cultural phenomena in a chronological span ranging from ancient to contemporary times. During the first and second years of the course students acquire core knowledge of the main historical periods and the social sciences methods useful in historical research, such as geography, political philosophy, political economy and anthropology. During the second and third years, the course allows students to acquire notions related to different areas of historical analysis and offers them the opportunity to start building a training path responding to their specific cultural and professional interests. In the final year students acquire the sociology fundamentals, investigate paths linked to globalisation and cultural interaction, and are given the opportunity to integrate the training undertaken with a further globalisation perspectives, partly in preparation for the Master Degrees they intend to take.

Fregio 4
What can you do with it?

The course prepares students to work

  • as cultural operators and for professional careers in institutions and organisations active at an international level, especially in cultural, social, economic, political and development cooperation;
  • libraries and archives, with technical and support functions;
  • traditional and digital publishing;
  • cultural organisations, in the promotion of exhibitions, shows and events; administrative bodies, with secretarial and general affairs coordination functions.
Furthermore, as this is a three-year Degree Course, training guarantees wide ranging study continuation potential to obtain a Master Degree with which to build a more specific professional profile direct connected (without grade deficits) to history Master Degrees, for those interested in teaching and research; Master Degrees in peace and development cooperation sciences; Master Degrees in communication sciences and religious studies.