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Georisks and Georesources

Fregio 12
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The main aims of this two-year degree are:

  • to provide a thorough knowledge in Earth Sciences;
  • provide in-depth mastery of scientific methods;
  • ensure a solid ability to professionally apply the knowledge and methods of Geology.
Students are trained to:
  • carry out multidisciplinary studies of the Earth System, defining the models necessary both for a proper spatial planning and for a correct design of civil engineering works;
  • develop strategies for the investigation and modelling of geological processes to enable both an accurate and modern assessment of the geological risk and a quantitative characterization of fossil or renewable georesources, their management and vulnerability.

Fregio 12
What do you learn?

After a first part with four compulsory teachings focused on the multi-faceted aspects of Applied Geology, a second part is split into three suggested paths (geological-paleontological; applicative geomorphological- geological; mineralogical-petrographic-geochemical-geophysical), with the possibility of personalizing one's own path thanks to a wide range of courses of choice. Overall, the educational plan includes:

  • Courses, LAB and field trips;
  • Seminars, group working, technical visits and traineeships at public agencies, private companies and construction sites;
  • Periods abroad under the supervision of the hosting partner university, within the framework of international agreements.

Fregio 12
What can you do with it?

  • Thematic cartography;
  • Geological risk assessment and mitigation;
  • Soil, subsoil, air and water vulnerability;
  • Geognostic surveys;
  • Subsoil and sub-sea-surface exploration;
  • Finding, exploitation and preservation of georesources;
  • Conservation of cultural/environmental heritage;
  • Environmental impact assessment.
The professional roles covered are
  • Senior Geologist, whose attendance is mandatory in civil engineering or architectural projects;
  • Technical Manager/Officer of mining, quarry, territorial, and environmental companies or other technical agencies;
  • Geologist in geological/engineering enterprises;
  • research institutions;
  • middle or high school Teacher.