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Geological Sciences

Fregio 12
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The aim of the Course is to ensure the student acquires adequate scientific and professional knowledge of its contents and methods of investigation, to allow operation in the modelling and forecasting processes that regulate the Earth System. The Earth System is an ever moving laboratory set where the ground trembles, volcanoes erupt, the sea modifies the coasts, landslides and rainwater erode the relief, and rivers overflow and flood the surrounding plains. Earth Sciences study the interactions between the geosphere and the other spheres, in order to understand the relative causes, effects and mechanisms, and also to better preserve the environment of our planet and to improve living conditions.

Fregio 12
What do you learn?

  • Fundamentals of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Computer;
  • Earth surface processes structure and internal dynamics of the Earth;
  • geological-structural, paleontological, geomorphological, volcanological, and geophysical surveys, (field trips and a five-day geological campaign; microscope; aerial and satellite image interpretation;
  • geophysical prospecting;
  • sampling of sediment, water and gases;
  • thematic maps; and LAB instruments and technologies (GIS; SEM; infrared and mass spectroscopy; X-ray);
  • assessment of geological risk;
  • vulnerability assessment of atmosphere, hydrosphere, soil, and subsoil;
  • interventions for the geological risk mitigation and slope, river and coastal stabilization.

Fregio 12
What can you do with it?

Profession of Junior Geologist, supporting tasks in:

  • civil engineering;
  • environmental impact;
  • LAB analysis of geological materials.
The activities can be carried out at public institutions (Universities, INGV, ISPRA, Civil Defence, ministries, regional departments, offices, museums, etc.); private companies (AGIP and other oil companies, mining or energy companies, quarries, restoration companies of cultural heritage, professional geological studies, geotechnical laboratories, civil engineering companies, etc.); self-financed study (self-employed); middle and high school (teaching).