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Educational Science

Fregio 8
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The course trains students to cope with and manage significant issues related to the training process within institutions and vocational training, companies and public authority facilities. It consists of 3 areas: Socio-pedagogical education (aimed at health promotion, family education, prisoner educational services and services for people with disabilities); Early childhood education (educational services for nurseries, families with children, play areas, free time, homecare); Community education (aimed at preventing social distress, family support, the well-being of minorities and underprivileged people, drug addiction support services, support services for the care of the elderly, abused children and prisoners).

Fregio 8
What do you learn?

The educational path aims to develop the student’s familiarity with the educational network, building training materials and models, and integrating processes with new technologies. Through techniques and operational skills related to public and private training contexts and enhancing a professional approach, the course trains students to become professionals and trainers.

Fregio 8
What can you do with it?

Pedagogical Science Degree, with two curricula: Pedagogical and Training and Planning (Degree L85). Three possible job profiles: socio-pedagogical educator; early childhood educator; community educator.