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Economics and Business Admistration

Fregio 9
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The basic guidelines of the university system, the qualifying training objectives of the Class and those specific to the Course steer the training path to balance the needs of methodological and content training as best as possible (also however, aiming to potentially afford access to subsequent and higher training: above all first level masters, specialization courses, Master Degrees, followed by second level masters and research doctorates, in addition to lifelong learning) with skills and abilities that are more or less immediately usable in the job market. The interdisciplinary versatility of the field of study attributable to the L18 Degree class and the professional and territorial variety of possible employment opportunities in the long term, call for a qualified generalist approach rather than one referable to a specific reference sector and / or type of agency.

Fregio 9
What do you learn?

Planning, implementation and control of organizations within companies and between companies; analysis and evaluation of tasks; articulation of functions, decisions and responsibilities; personnel selection, training and administration; etc. Planning, implementation and control of government in companies and between companies: functions of greater synthesis and coordination between those of organization, management and survey of greater strategic value for the higher levels of administration.

Fregio 9
What can you do with it?

Service Production Technicians - Administrative and Technical Secretaries of General Business - Accountants - Treasurers and Treasurers - Production factor organization and management technicians - Financial Management Technicians - Banking technicians - Procurement and Purchasing Managers - Sales and distribution technicians - Marketing Technicians - Tax Controllers -