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Digital Enterprise Innovation Engineering

Fregio 10
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

Nowadays, the combination of digital technologies and enterprise management is one of the key factors for the economic development of our country. Such terms as Industry 4.0, Cyber Security, Big Data, internet of things have been the centre of media attention daily since the society of the third millennium is and will be more and more based upon them. The Degree Course in Digital Enterprise Innovation Engineering originates from a careful analysis of the current needs of the labour market, generating the demand for a versatile professional figure capable of quickly having access to the production world and keeping updated with the evolution of the most advanced technologies. The training course aims to prepare innovation experts, with reference to computer engineering and management engineering. These new engineers, highly specialized in digital transformation, will be capable of supporting companies dealing daily with the challenges posed by the widespread use of new technologies. The individual who graduates in Digital Enterprises Innovation Engineering is a multifaceted professional figure with strong technical and methodological foundations whose engineering-based approach to problems makes him or her capable of understanding and managing business phenomena, as well as designing and implementing processes and services through the effective use of the most advanced digital technologies.

Fregio 10
What do you learn?

The Degree Course offers a flexible educational path to students, aiming at combining basic scientific knowledge with technological innovation, and particularizing through the "Management Engineering" and "Computer Engineering" curricula. The choice of curriculum made during the second year allows the student to opt for promoting the acquisition of skills more related to the management of digital enterprises or to the creation of their products. The course outline includes a comprehensive set of subjects bound to the professional peculiarities. The main subjects are related to the regulatory, economic and managerial aspects of companies, to the management of industrial production and to business economy. Particular attention is dedicated to the skills that will allow graduates to bring innovation to the world of companies with a strong digital vocation, thanks to the ability to design software systems, understand how the Internet works, manage and analyse large data sets.

Fregio 10
What can you do with it?

Graduates in Digital Enterprises Innovation Engineering can access the world of employment choosing from a wide range of possibilities: from industries to service companies, from public administration to the financial sector, from consultancy to entrepreneurial activity, from companies whose core business is the production of digital products to those exploiting new information technologies as a tool to innovate their production processes. The digital market is indeed constantly growing, with the Italian market registering requests for new specialists to work as data scientists, business analysts, project managers, security analysts, key professionals for advancing new digital transformation projects. In such a context, the path offered by the Degree Course in Digital Enterprises Innovation Engineering lays the foundations for training the engineers of the future. At the end of the three-year course, graduates will either be able to use the acquired Degree to gain direct access to the world or employment, or to continue their studies by being admitted to the Master Degree courses in the classes of Management Engineering and Computer Engineering without any re-sits.