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Dental Hygiene

Fregio 3
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

Graduates in dental hygiene are professionals who perform tasks related to the prevention of oral and dental diseases and assistance with therapies. They carry out dental health education activities and participate in prevention; provide deplaquing, tartar ablation and smoothing of the dental roots, as well as topical application of the various prophylactic means; provide education on the various methods of oral hygiene and on the use of non-invasive diagnostic means suitable for highlighting microbiological infections, oral biofilms and superficial mucosal lesions, motivating the patient to have periodic clinical checks to ensure the protection of oral and dental health.

Fregio 3
What do you learn?

The graduates in Dental Hygiene will be provided with adequate preparation in the basic disciplines, integrating pathophysiological and pathological study with clinical methodology and therapeutic procedures. These will allow them to better understand the most relevant elements of the characterizing training activities dealt with in the professionalizing disciplines. They will focus on the oral cavity diseases, which develop in childhood, adult and geriatric age, and learn how their intervention can improve oral health (through prevention, or treatment assistance). They must also know how to use at least one language of the European Union, in addition to Italian.

Fregio 3
What can you do with it?

The occupation of dental hygienist can be carried out in different areas: in the private sector, in dental surgeries, which ensures access to "high quality" treatment; in the public sphere, in public structures, where they operate with regard for prevention as well as scientific research; the social sphere in residences for elderly patients, centres for the disabled and schools. In all these areas, the activity of the dental hygienist improves the cost/benefit ratio of dental care by virtue of the marked preventive aspect of his/her work. Finally, the three-year graduate in Dental Hygiene can continue his/her training in the Master Degree Course "Healthcare Technical Care Professions"