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Data, Algorithms, and Machine Intelligence

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What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Master Degree Course in Data, Algorithms, and Machine Intelligence, delivered entirely in English, provides in-depth theoretical, methodological, experimental and practical skills in the fundamental areas of information technology. These constitute the conceptual and technological basis for the computational approach to problem solving and system design, in order to organize, manage and access information and knowledge. The course covers the fundamental topics that are indispensable in the cultural background of a Master Degree in the sector, as well as some insights into advanced areas, such as big data processing and computational intelligence.

Fregio 5
What do you learn?

The curriculum includes the following courses: Combinatorial and probabilistic algorithms; Big data management; Multisensory data exploration; Pattern discovery for the life sciences; Knowledge representation and reasoning; Cybersecurity; Information theory and data compression; Data encryption and codes; Cloud and high-performance computing; Complex networks; Artificial intelligence and deep learning; Machine intelligence for optimization; Computational econophysics.

Fregio 5
What can you do with it?

The graduate can pursue a career as analyst or software designer in companies producing goods and services, in public or private organizations. For example, the graduate can be employed as developer, bioinformatician, software engineer, systems analyst. Technical or research positions can be sought in the areas of mathematical and information sciences, in private and public research centers, as well as in education and universities. As a senior information engineer, the graduate can be involved in the planning, design, development, testing and management of information-technology plants and systems.