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Computer Science

Fregio 5
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The goal of the Program in Computer Science (CS) is to provide the student knowledge, methods and techniques for the development of computer systems and applications. The two souls of computer science (applicative and theoretical) expressed in the Program contribute both to the construction of the deep basic culture that makes a graduate in CS able to understand the present world and to acquire new conceptual and technical tools in an area which is in a continuous and fast evolution, and which requires professionals able to propose innovative and universal solutions for new complex problems.

Fregio 5
What do you learn?

In detail, a student in computer science:

  • acquires knowledge and skills in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), aimed at the design, development and management of ICT systems;
  • becomes able to face and analyse computational problems and develop efficient algorithms for their solution;
  • learns the methodologies of investigation and their applications in concrete situations, through appropriate knowledge of mathematical tools to support computing skills;
  • acquires the ability to work in a team, to operate autonomously and to fit into work environments;
  • acquires the cognitive tools that empower higher-level specialization;
  • once graduated, will be able to contribute to the planning, design, development, estimation, testing and management of facilities and systems for the generation, transmission and processing of information, with the use of standardized methodologies.

Fregio 5
What can you do with it?

Given the growing demand from companies of professional experts in computer science, currently a computer science graduate has no difficulty in receiving adequate job offers. In detail, a computer science graduate can access the following professions:

  • Programmer technician
  • Applications expert technician
  • Web technician
  • Data Base manager
  • Technical manager of networks and telematics systems
  • Software analyst and designer
  • System analyst
  • Junior Information Engineer (subject to passing the State Exam)
Furthermore, graduates in Computer Science can access all the Master's Degree programs in the LM18 class without any additional educational debts. In particular, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a Master's Degree in Computer Science, which responds to the growing demand for professionals and specialists with high scientific and technological skills, with the aim of contributing to the progress of information technology both for the fundamental aspects and in the different application fields. In particular, the master's program in computer science proposes a study plan strongly oriented to the development of systems for the management of big data.