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Computer Engineering

Fregio 10
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering trains young specialists capable of designing and managing computer applications and systems. A Computer Engineer can design and develop any software product ranging from web and mobile applications, to large database-driven applications typical of organizations such as public administrations or private companies. A Computer Engineer, typically, analyzes the scenarios and the usage patterns of such applications and chooses the most suitable programming languages to develop the software. Such a figure also deals with the design of computer systems by assessing the computational, storage and data transmission capabilities required for the correct and efficient management of a specified scenario. In this area, the Engineer is also able to choose among the possible computing infrastructures, operating systems and networking solutions offered by different suppliers. The professional profile formed by the Degree Course also focuses on problems related to the computer security of hardware and software infrastructures.

Fregio 10
What do you learn?

The Degree Course provides essential background in core disciplines such as: Mathematical Analysis, Geometry and Algebra, Physics, Numerical Methods for Engineering. The other subjects are divided into two major areas. Information Engineering: Electrotechnics, Electronics, Signal Theory, Automatic Control. Computer Engineering: Computer Fundamentals, Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, Databases, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Web and Mobile Programming. The student will be able to choose optional courses, and will also do an internship and take a final test to get the Bachelor's Degree.

Fregio 10
What can you do with it?

The Bachelor graduate will be able to work as a freelance designer of computer systems and applications or will work in private companies in the IT field or in public and private institutions that need experts in the management of computer systems. The Bachelor degree can be also enriched with the Master Degree in Computer Engineering, which complements the program by focusing on topics related to the most recent and advanced information technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics, Image Processing and CyberSecurity, in collaboration with the research laboratories of the Department of Engineering.