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Classical Studies

Fregio 4
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

In this course students enhance previously acquired knowledge, specialising through an adequate in-depth study of class and developing their analysis and research skills, of philology and classical, medieval and modern literatures and, potentially, diachronic linguistics.

Fregio 4
What do you learn?

The first year of the course consists of in-depth studies in which students acquire critical core competence knowledge, through the study of class specific subjects in the philological, linguistic, literary, historical-archaeological ambits. In the second year, they complete their education from a more interdisciplinary perspective and prepare dissertations for the final examination.

Fregio 4
What can you do with it?

Graduates in Classical Studies perform research and studies on the origin, evolution and structure of language. They can apply their language knowledge to the critical editing of written texts. They are capable of reconstructing the ancient Mediterranean civilisation context, as well as carrying out research in the political and social history and archaeology of the Greek and Latin world fields.