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Artificial Intelligence

Fregio 5
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an expanding scientific discipline, of great relevance and impact in the digital society, which is devoted to the study, understanding, design, and development of intelligent solutions that can replace or improve human intelligence. The number of technological applications of AI is increasing and determines the need for training professionals with specific skills who can not only understand and master the various aspects of the discipline but also use this knowledge in various application contexts. The growing need for professional experts in AI at all levels of complexity makes it necessary to offer a course of study specifically oriented towards the discipline, starting at the bachelor's level. One of the main aspects of AI concerns how to derive knowledge from large amounts of data. The Bachelor Degree Course in AI trains future professionals in the field to manage complex systems on a large scale. For this, students will learn how to use specific IT models and tools and how to manage interdisciplinary aspects such as data processing from a statistical and ethical point of view. Moreover, students will also deepen specific and professionalizing aspects of the discipline, thus not neglecting the use of AI in the applications.

Fregio 5
What do you learn?

During the three years, students will acquire knowledge on fundamental topics for artificial intelligence in the areas of mathematics, information technology, and the cognitive sciences. In particular, students will receive basic training on logical-mathematical and probabilistic tools (formalization of logical reasoning, differential and integral calculus, linear algebra, probability, and statistics) and on fundamental aspects of computer science (programming, data science, algorithmic techniques, database management, software engineering), which will allow them to deal with scientific and methodological rigor on the more specific topics of AI such as machine learning, artificial vision, search and optimization algorithms, human-machine interaction, knowledge representation, uncertain reasoning, as well as more applied topics, for example, in biomedicine. Legal and ethical knowledge is also provided to make graduates use the acquired skills more consciously. Internship activities are also planned in public bodies or private companies, to allow students to experience the use of AI in the workplace. Graduates will be able to contribute, on the basis of constantly updated interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, to design and implement innovative solutions based on AI techniques and models in both the public and private sectors.

Fregio 5
What can you do with it?

The Bachelor Degree Course prepares for the professions of “Programming Technician" and “Expert Technician in Applications". More specifically, the specific professional roles will be "Expert in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Data Analysis" and "Expert in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Interaction". The Placement Service promotes active job searching methods by supporting graduates in developing a tailored project of professional integration, in line with their personal goals and the demands of the job market. Several meetings with the manufacturing world will be organized, not only to create direct contacts with companies interested in specific profiles but also and foremost as an opportunity to guide students in their future choices and to provide additional technical and professional experience. Graduates of the new bachelor in Artificial Intelligence will have the opportunity to complete the five-year course of study by enrolling in a Master Degree Course, such as the Master Degree Course in Data, Algorithms, and Machine Intelligence, provided by the same Department that offers the bachelor in Artificial Intelligence.