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Architecture for Sustainable Existing Building Renovation Design

Fregio 7
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The course is designed to train professionals with the specific architectural skills required to fulfil the provisions of EC directive 85/384. The central focus of the educational programme of this course of study is architectural design on various scales, from objects to buildings, towns and cities to the local area. Design - in process form and making use of its own procedures - is the knowledge tool and experiential-scientific activity which interprets physical reality in view of its useful and necessary adaptation to human life and habitation.

Fregio 7
What do you learn?

This course's approach to architectural design pays specific attention to the issues revolving around sustainable adaptation of places and the regeneration of urban fabrics and established settlements. The course focuses in particular on urban transformation and grafts, recovery, building restoration and the regeneration of open spaces. Graduates in Architecture for Sustainable Existing Building Renovation Design must be capable of designing on a range of scales and using architectural means, including plan sciences. They must have acquired the skills required to perform feasibility studies and the tasks involved in construction work, transforming and modifying the natural and built environment, with a full awareness of aesthetic, distributional, functional, structural, technical-constructional, infrastructural, managerial, geographical, economic and environmental considerations and with critical attention to cultural changes and contemporary society's demands.

Fregio 7
What can you do with it?

Graduates in this Master Degree Course will have acquired specific professional architecture skills in accordance with existing European directives enabling them to take on suitable and responsible transformational design in the local area and environment in the various sectors and action scales The qualification obtained enables graduates to sit state exams enabling them to gain access to the architecture profession in Italy and the European Union. Graduates in Architecture for Sustainable Existing Building Renovation Design can work freelance or for public and private institutions and bodies working in the architectural design, construction, conservation and transformation fields.