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Life Science

Fregio 11
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The Bachelor Degree Life Sciences of the Università di Palermo is a First Cycle Degree. It follows a 3-year undergraduate program, and schedules a total of 180 credits (ECTS), about 60 ECTS per year. The Degree class is Biology (code L-13). The name of the Degree course in Italian is “Scienze biologiche” (L-13) The Bachelor program in Life Sciences is planned to provide students with a sound basic knowledge of the areas of Biological Sciences and a good mastery of the methodologies and technologies related to all the lectures, providing adequate preparation for assimilation of scientific progress and ensuring that the students know and properly understand all kind of living organisms and related processes. The Bachelor Degree Life Sciences program covers a very wide range of topics through several learning activities, including lectures, exercises, lab practice, seminars, and innovative educational activities. The Bachelor Degree Life Sciences program supports Erasmus mobility thanks to the numerous agreements in place. Students can spend a period abroad and attend authorized courses which can be included in the curriculum.

Fregio 11
What do you learn?

At the end of the Bachelor Degree course, the graduates will be able to work with a good degree of autonomy and adequate knowledge in performing professional activities and applying techniques in private and public institutions. The course will train students as biologists able to classify and manage living organisms; analyse biological samples; perform environmental assessments; participate in conservation biology or molecular biology projects, examine natural processes; and, on the whole, understand how the biological systems - from the cells to the human body work and can be investigated.

Fregio 11
What can you do with it?

The University of Palermo offers Master Degree programs under the Life Sciences fields; Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, Biology Applied to Research in Biomedicine, Applied Biology in Nutritional Sciences, Molecular Biology of the Cell, and Conservation Biology. The Degree in Life Sciences affords admission to the Biologists' Professional Register (Section B, Junior Biologists), subject to a pass in the professional qualifying exam, enabling the graduate to perform the activities recognized by Italian law. The Junior Biologist can find a technician job in different fields, from healthcare to bioinformatics, and in the field of agriculture, agro-food industries, and environmental service centres.