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Biological Sciences and Technologies

Fregio 11
What is the objective of the course? What is it?
What does it train you for?

The objective is the training of a biologist with solid basic preparation, who combines the traditional skills of general biology with a broader and interdisciplinary vision of their applications in the technological field aimed at human health and the preservation and development of the environment. The interclass course aims to respond to the modern vision of applied sciences in those areas that require the rapid transfer and fusion of knowledge of the biological processes that characterize living beings with the new frontiers of technology. The belonging of the studies to the two degree classes L-2 and L-13 is necessary to carry out the integrated training path which allows for the creation of a professional figure who can respond to the indicated objectives.

Fregio 11
What do you learn?

The Degree is aimed at acquiring in the first two years an in-depth theoretical preparation on basic biological subjects together with a solid laboratory experience in the biochemical, molecular and genetic fields. The laboratories will be individual, allowing the student to carry out the practical experimental exercise. Between the second and third year the student will deepen specific topics mainly in the biotechnology field. These studies will address topics involving high-tech solutions, such as the design of biosimilar drugs to be adapted to new therapeutic targets or the monitoring and control of ecosystems through the application of artificial intelligence. It will also ensure the possibility for students to carry out a training and orientation period of 12 credits in companies and institutions in the area.

Fregio 11
What can you do with it?

The Degree allows enrollment in the professional register of biologists in the junior section after passing the state exam. This professional figure can work as a technician in analysis laboratories in the following sectors: agri-food, environment, research, pharmaceutical industry and quality control. The University of Palermo offers LMs in which graduates can enroll with acknowledgment of curricular requirements. In particular, the Department of Biological, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies offers Master Degrees in biology/biotechnology (classes LM-6 and LM-8) or human nutrition (class LM-61) such as Molecular and Health Biology, Biotechnology Biomolecular Industrials (formerly Biotechnologies for Industry and Scientific Research), Biodiversity and Environmental Biology and Food and Human Nutrition Sciences. Furthermore, graduates in Biological Sciences and Technologies will also be able to continue their studies in Master Degrees offered by other Departments of the University of Palermo in classes LM-6 (Marine Biology, Neuroscience) and LM-9 (Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine).